RiceCakeMaking culture of ancient Japan, rare in modern Japan, And in overseas RiceCakeMaking itself is "surprise!".



また現在の日本においても最も人の集まる行事は「餅つき」「餅まき」といった「餅」にまつわるものだと言われています。 これは古く大昔から継承され続けてきた、日本独特の文化です。




世界中の人たちに餅つきの楽しさと、つきたての餅の美味しさを味わってもらい、 「驚き!」で「笑顔」をつくる、世界へ向けたプロジェクトです。


Traditional event to come from ancient Japanese "mochi" In Japan, referred to in folklore "Hareno-hi" ( non- daily, day of celebration such as especially ) for a long time Event as very auspicious to be carried out, this "rice cake with" have been done.

In addition, it is said that the event people gather most in Japan today is a thing "rice cake" and "Mochimaki" surrounding "rice cake". Has continued to be inherited from the old long ago, this is the unique culture of Japan.

The Japanese even becomes the thing unusual "Mochi" in modern times, And " rice cake " itself is to become " surprise ! " In foreign countries.

Birthday of the family, an important anniversary wedding of best friend, lover and... I and pleasing ! " There " in a special effect, a special person, a special day. Would not you have ever once such a "surprise" you too ?

Some people around, people were surprised, people were surprised, everyone laugh. I have a " smile " to the tip some reason, Surprise !

" Rice cake, surprise ! Project " it is beyond the race and generation, Have fun and taste of rice cake with, the taste of the rice cake of Tsukitate to people around the world, to create a " smile " and " surprise ! " Is a project aimed to the world.

  • You will reach a rice cake which you can think people around the world and delicious.

  • Conduct a performance that you can think people around the world is fun.

  • We aim to rice cake with you jumping out from the rice cake with ancient Japanese, can participate people overseas.

  • Use specialties glutinous rice which selected carefully from all over Japan, it provides a delicious rice cake of Tsukitate.

  • I will produce both adults and children can enjoy, with a rice cake of taking a lesson from the past.



日 程
合計100kg前後【臼(30kg) / 杵(4ヶ:12kg) / 餅米(30kg) / その他】


About order (Japanese foreign territory)

The dispatch staff
3-4Systems Staff
Match the movement; and around 3-4 days
Portage capacity
Around 100kg [30 kg of mortar / mallets (four:in total 12kg) / glutinous rice(30kg) / and others】
Expense rough estimate
500,000 yen (I include the above)
※Travel expenses transportation expenses, road according to the hotel charges
※In the case of glutinous rice increase in quantity separately
※In the case of a staff increase of the staff separately



The MOCHIWORKS, the person or people system programmers, engineers, designers, coders, and web director in "IT business" has discarded all the equipment PC is a tool of everyday, tablet, keyboard, mouse, and smartphone, to perform create punch is "performance group". We believe that IT not only "Information & Technology", "Inovation & Termination" (ie that to end once) is, or not essential to creation and destruction in Japan modern long been referred to as the IT revolution. To break once the shape of the original inherit directly culture in ancient Japanese tradition of the "rice cake with", rebuild as a "culture of Japan is proud of to the world" toward the world, we have proposed a new way to show the rice cake with.